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Quote1.png You kept those great eyes of yours. They were the first thing I noticed when you came to the N-Zone test site that day. I remember thinking... (don't tell Reed) ...that I bet some girls really dug those eyes... and they haven't changed Quote2.png
Sue Storm

Appearing in "Ultimatum: Part 2"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Nano-robot bugs

Other Characters:




  • Space Shuttle (The Awesome II)

Synopsis for "Ultimatum: Part 2"

Sue's still out from pushing back the flood of ocean that almost destroyed New York City. Her parents remember when she was born, how even as a newborn baby, she was more interested in the vital signs monitor her mother was hooked up to than anything else.

The vehicle Ben and Dr. Molekevic are planning to use to fix her is having the finishing touches put onto it under Molekevic's supervision, and General Ross shows up to oversee the mission.

With Ben at the helm and Molekevic as the navigator, the Awesome II, named by Ben, is shrunk down and they enter Sue's body. They enter her trachea, and make their way to hear heart in order to find their path to her Brain stem.

While in her heart, some robotic bugs attack them, and Ben barely manages to keep them away from the ship while Molekevic manages to pilot the craft towards the Brain, while flashbacking to fifteen years ago in his classroom when Sue was able to complete the assignment before he was even able to finish telling the class about it. While punching the nano-bugs, Ben flashbacks to nine months ago when he tried to kill himself, but broke the razor. Sue caught him by accident, and basically saved his life by convincing him that girls will still be attracted to his "great eyes." (She kisses him).

When they get to the brain, Molekevic uses his laser to stimulate the appropriate section, and they fight off the remaining nano-bug on their way out, (at rapid speeds since the bug damaged their size-holding processor).

They make it out, Sue wakes up, Ben's offered a job as a test pilot for the Army, and Sue discovers that the nano-bugs were created by Reed for some unknown reason. She uses this discovery to postulate that they can find Johnny if he has the same bugs in his system, since they give off a microscopic signal.


  • This issue is an "Ultimatum" tie-in.
  • Story continued from the previous issue.

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