Quote1.png We always come back, Richards. Stronger than ever. And eager to impale those who trespass against us on their own ignorance. Quote2.png
-- Victor Van Damme

Appearing in "Doom: Part 1"

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Synopsis for "Doom: Part 1"

On Victor Van Damme's tenth birthday, his father reveals that Victor is a descended from Vlad Dracula. When a member of the Dracula family hits 10 years of age, they are inducted by their father into The Order of the Dragon. It was Vlad Dracula that believed without wisdom, there was no truth or order in the world. It is this wisdom that separates the Dracula family from the rest of the world and it is necessary for men of greatness must force an ignorant world to their truth. From that day forward, Victor's childhood is over as his father raises him to be worthy of his lineage.

In the present, Reed Richards looks back at the radical changes to his world over the past month, still concerned about the rocky appearance of his best friend Grimm and the location of Victor. While Reed is pushing himself harder to find answers, Sue Storm becomes interested in Reed's lack of consumption. Sue examines Reed and discovers Reed is missing all of his internal organs. All that Reed has left is a bacterial stack that exchanges air for nutrition.

At Victor's place of hiding, the repercussions of the experiment becoming exposed as his hand loses skin.


  • As noted in the synopsis, in this issue, Sue Storm discovers that Reed Richards has no internal organs.


Ultimate Fantastic Four Vol 1 7 004.jpg

  • The Man-Thing makes a cameo in this issue as a possible state of Reed's body as it shifts into its own phase-space. Reed will explain next issue that when something enters the N-Zone, that person or object is converted into its phase-space. The phase-space is basically all the possible ways that that person or object could have become. This issue suggests that there's also a rocky "Thing" state besides the "Man-Thing" state for Reed, and there's also a "Human Torch" state for Susan, as well as a metallic state which resembles Victor Van Damme's. This is evidenced because, in the flashback, not only Reed and Susan are holding hands on a panel, their "Man-Thing" and "Human Torch" states are also holding hands and their "Thing" and "Metallic" states are as well. These different states are only possible phases for Reed and Sue, considering they ended up with their respective and familiar powers.

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