Quote1 Got to be hotter than dad. Got to be smart like Sue and Reed. Smart like Dad. Quote2
-- Johnny Storm

Appearing in "Doom: Part 2"

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  • Doom's Insect Droids

Synopsis for "Doom: Part 2"

Doom has set up a "Free Zone" in Denmark for his followers. Doom has been transformed into a being of metal with cloven hooves. He releases a swarm of insect drones into the air as some of his followers look on.

At the Baxter Building, Reed and Sue examine a somewhat reluctant Ben Grimm. Ben is still under quarantine and exhibits his tremendous strength in tests. Johnny has gone on a date in Manhattan under the protection of a security detail. Johnny sees the insect drones attack and enter the Baxter Building. Johnny "flames on" to help. As Johnny enters the fray, Reed is about to be impaled through the eyes by one of the insect drones. To Be Continued!


  • This issue shows the first appearance of the distinctive dragon tattoos which indicates that its wearer is under the thrall of Victor Van Damme.
  • This issue also reveals that the rest of the original "100" child prodigies, formerly located in the Baxter Building, have been relocated to an alternate facility in Oregon

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