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Appearing in "Ultimate Hawkeye (Part III)"

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  • Al-Kharj Air Base (Only in flashback)
  • SEAR
    • Tian
      • Northern City
      • Southern City


Synopsis for "Ultimate Hawkeye (Part III)"

Continued from last issue...

Many Years Ago:

Fury briefs Hawkeye on one of his first missions as a S.H.I.E.L.D. operative. He expunges Clint's criminal record and creates an entirely new identity for him, stating that the Clint Barton he was no longer exists. He also promotes him to Captain.


Hawkeye and Ultimate X prepare for a two-pronged assault on The People: Hulk will attack the Southern City, causing a distraction which will allow Clint and his team to infiltrate the Northern City to retrieve the Serum.

In the Northern City, Clint and his team covertly make their way to where they believe the Serum is being kept, after Karen learns the info from one of the guards. Hawkeye orders Guardian to retreat with the Serum once they retrieve it to ensure the mission's success, regardless of casualties. After locating the area, they are confronted by a shadowy figure who proves to bee too much of a threat to take on by simply transforming Hawkeye's arrow into a green glowing rose with a mere thought. However, the figure reveals that he does not wish to fight and leads them to the Serum, which he and his people refer to as the Source, which turns out to be a pool the size of a lake.

In the Southern City, Banner transforms into the Hulk at will, with the mental help of Karen, and begins his attack. However, almost immediately a psychic power stronger than hers severs the mental link between them, leaving the Hulk on his own. The being responsible for this easily defeats the Hulk by merely lifting his hand. In a last-ditch effort to take him down, the Hulk launches himself at the enemy, but he stops Hulk in mid-air and somehow causes him to revert to his Bruce Banner persona. He then reveals himself to be one of The People, sporting a metallic skull mask covering a glowing blue head.

Solicit Synopsis

Nick Fury has sent Hawkeye on a vital international mission. But with no backup to be had, Clint Barton may find himself on the losing end of a major battle—until Fury sends in unexpected reinforcements: a covert mutant team and The Hulk!

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