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Ultimate Iron Man
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Treads, Flight
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Designed and built by Tony Stark before the degeneration of his body
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Sometime prior to his body's degeneration, Tony Stark built and hid away several extremely powerful combat vehicles called the Iron Avengers.

Iron Avengers (Earth-2301)

The individual vehicles

Consisting of three aircraft named Preying Falcon, Stinging Sun Ray, Tornado Flyer and one tank-like machine whose name is unknown. When the Hulk appeared, Tony ordered the Avengers to retrieve the vehicles in order to deal with the situation.[citation needed]

After reclaiming the Iron Avengers from the Horsemen of Apocalypse, their leader, Apocalypse arrived to combat them. It was then that they fused the Iron Avengers into their true form, the Ultimate Iron Man. They quickly claimed victory.[citation needed]

Later, they confronted the Hulk, but the Ultimate Iron Man proved no match, being quickly dispatched by the monster.[citation needed]

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