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Appearing in "Ultimate Iron Man 2 (Part V)"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Loni (Final appearance; dies)

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Synopsis for "Ultimate Iron Man 2 (Part V)"

Tony, his father, War Machine, and Obadiah set off to Utah to find Loni. They arrive and their chopper explodes injuring War Machine aka Rhodes. Obadiah falls off a cliff, but Iron Man catches him as terrorists arrive on the scene. Iron man flees, but follows them as they take Obadiah to his mother, Loni, and their hideout. Iron Man breaks into the compound and Loni floods it with poison gas trying to kill him, abandoning Obadiah. Iron Man saves Obadiah, but his father and Nifara are taken captive by Loni. After killing Nifara and the guards, (she wanted no witnesses) Loni confesses that all she ever wanted was power. That’s why she married Howard, divorced him, married Zebadiah, had Obadiah, and later killed her second husband.

Iron Man shows up, and Loni shoots his father in the chest, threatening to shoot him again if he doesn't take the suit off. Tony takes off his armor, and Loni shoots him in the head, not knowing that his entire body is a brain and will heal itself. Tony fights Loni, beats her, and tends to his father. Obadiah, mad that his mother abandoned him for dead with the poison gas, enters the room and kills her. However, he decides not to attack Tony, stating that he had save his life several times and that they are now even. They are all picked up by the feds and go home.

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