Quote1 Are you really going to eat that off my butt? Quote2
-- Tony Stark

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Synopsis for "Ultimate Iron Man - Part Two"

Howard Stark has just heard the news that his wife Maria, has died in childbirth. Howard goes berserk and rushes down to the hospital. He bursts into the ICU ward and scoops up his newborn son (which he names Antonio), and coats him with the protective, blue bio-armor that his wife and he had designed. He then rushes away from the hospital with him.

Later, Zebediah Stane learns that Howard never patented any of his bio-armor research and the Bio-Armor subsidiary is still wholly owned by him, and was not affected from the Stane buyout. Zebediah is enraged, as it is the only thing belonging to Stark that he actually wanted. He even dismisses Howard's ex-wife Loni in favor of his new passions.

Later, Zebediah finds one of Howard's assistants, Nero. He tortures him for information and virtually lobotomizes him. Nero returns to Howard Stark, an incompetent shell of a man.

Four Years Later
Howard Stark has taken his son to live with Nero and he in Genoa, Italy. Young Tony is still wearing the bio-armor compound. He has never existed outside of his protective blue shell. He is an exceedingly bright four-year-old, with an IQ that could match most teenagers.

Zebediah Stane tracks Stark down and kidnaps young Tony. They take him back to a laboratory where they begin to slowly remove the bio-armor, in order to physically examine the boy.


  • Howard Stark jokingly remarks that "bald children tend to grow up to become criminal masterminds". This is an obvious reference to the DC Comics character Lex Luthor.

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