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The Ultimate Machine was a powerful ancient device owned by Uatu the Watcher.

Resembling a transparent sphere, the machine purportedly housed all of the known information in the universe and is made for the brain of a Watcher.[2]


Many years ago, the criminal mastermind known as the Leader manipulated the Hulk into undertaking a mission to find it. Using the technology at his disposal, he converted the Hulk's physical body into waves of pure thought and transmitted him to Planet T-37X. Communicating via telepathy, the Leader instructed the Hulk to find the Ultimate Machine and bring it back to Earth. The Hulk encountered the Watcher, but due to a pledge of non-interference, the Watcher allowed the Hulk to take the device.

Returning to Earth, he gave it to the Leader, who declared that such a device would make him the absolute master of time and space. The Leader placed the device over his head like a helmet, and a billion sensations poured into his brain. Even for such a highly advanced intellect, the Leader's brain was incapable of processing the sum total of all universal knowledge and he fell over dead, though he would later be revived with the aid of one of his Humanoids.

The Hulk took the device and attempted to use it on himself. Despite the immense pain, the Hulk was able to momentarily withstand the Machine's effects, and through it, he learned that his friend, Rick Jones, was in trouble. Discarding the device, the Hulk bounded off to help him. Moments later, the Watcher arrived on Earth to collect the device and brought it back to its original resting place.[4]

Doom would later steal this item, along with multiple others which allowed him to use it safely, but it was returned by Mister Fantastic after his latest scheme was foiled.[5] However it unaccountably appeared in Leader's Italian base where it was perused by The Authority only to be stopped by Spider-Man.[1]

Sometime later Ban Grimm found himself in the Blue Area of the Moon, Bobbie Spector a nascent Watcher found a device extremely similar to the Ultimate Machine which was called an "Advisor", likely the same device under a different name it was used must less lethally then other times.[6]

During the Reckoning War, Mister Fantastic downloaded information from the Ultimate Machine into his brain.[2] This knowledge slowly began to kill him.[7]

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