Quote1 Make no mistake, children: We're here to stop a war. Quote2
-- Professor X

Appearing in "Tomorrow People"

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Synopsis for "Tomorrow People"

The government uses Bolivar Trask to create mutant hunting robots called Sentinels. Also Magneto and his Brotherhood make demands other the news. Meanwhile Beast, Storm, and Colossus are recruited by a teenage girl named Jean Grey, a member of the mutant team X-Men. After meeting Professor Charles Xavier, the team goes to recruit Bobby Drake but is interrupted by a Sentinel attack. The Sentinels have been deployed in order to eliminate the mutant 'threat' but they are swiftly defeated. At the same time, within the Savage Land, Magneto finds and enlists the help of Wolverine asking him to kill Xavier and the X-Men.

Appearing in "Wannabe"

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Synopsis for "Wannabe"

This issue begins with Norman Osborn reiterating the incident with Peter that happened at Osborn Industries to his board of directors. He wishes to sway them so that they can do the same thing to him, but with his own DNA instead of that of a spider. Elsewhere, Peter and MJ are attending a local professional wrestling match where Crusher Hogan is willing to take on all-comers. When Flash's pal Kong tries to take on Hogan, he is stopped since he is not 21. A confrontation between Flash and Peter then happens, but MJ gets disgusted and leaves before anything can develop. That night, Peter, wearing a makeshift costume, goes back to the arena to fight Hogan for the money. Peter handles him with ease, gets the money, and is invited by the manager to come back on Monday to fight for more money. At home, he secretly gives the money to Ben and May with an anonymous note that says the money is from a special collection at the school.

At school, Peter is approached by his gym teacher who used to berate him. He is looking for Peter to join the basketball team to help fill Flash's spot. Peter does so with relish when Flash protests and he quickly becomes the star player, thanks to his powers. Later, he has to blow off being with MJ studying so that he could go wrestle Crusher Hogan again. He does so with ease and the announcer gives him his stage name of the amazing and spectacular Spider-Man, though Peter asks just to be called the Spider. While the manager is pissed about Peters anonymity, he asks Peter to come back again and gives him a better get-up. It turns out to be the familiar red and blue costume, sans spider and webbing which Peter remarks it needs. Elsewhere, Norman is shown being strapped in for the experiment by Doctor Octavius (with his metal arms). Harry walks in, but is escorted out before it begins. However, he returns and hears his father scream right as the issue ends.

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