Quote1 I never told you this, but not so long ago this guy, who quite frankly was wackier than Bjork with a case of sunstroke, told me that all these crazy things, all this stuff is somehow connected. Quote2
-- Peter Parker

Appearing in "Spider-Man & The Man-Thing"

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Synopsis for "Spider-Man & The Man-Thing"

Spider-Man deduces that the "sewer monster" rumored to be in the New York City sewers is in fact missing geneticist, Curt Connors. Spider-Man tracks Connors into the sewers, only to discover he has transformed into the Lizard. He tries to reason with the bestial doctor, but has no luck. As the two are fighting, the mysterious Man-Thing appears and transforms The Lizard back to Dr. Connors, before disappearing into the sewers.

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