Quote1 All of it -- all of this -- it's all connected. You -- me -- They don't want you to figure it out. They don't want you to know. Quote2
-- Hulk to Spider-Man

Appearing in "Spider-Man & Hulk (Part II)"

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Synopsis for "Spider-Man & Hulk (Part II)"

Spider-Man and The Hulk continue fighting in the street. The Hulk has Spider-Man held by the throat. Spider-Man is able to escape when a pole falls and hits the Hulk in the head. Eventually, Spider-Man is able to lure the Hulk into a warehouse comically by tying a fish to his web-line. The Hulk turns into his human form as supposed US Military men come in. The Hulk escapes but not without a large explosion of the warehouse. Spider-Man is alive and just floats in the water on a piece of wood.


  • The quote above is a reference to an universe-wide story arc that is set to play out in the Earth-1610/Ultimate world in 2008.

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