Quote1 And I figured it out. I know why man sins. Do you know why man sins? Because he wants to. Quote2
-- The Punisher

Appearing in "Spider-Man & The Punisher & Daredevil (Part III)"

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Synopsis for "Spider-Man & The Punisher & Daredevil (Part III)"

The Punisher and Daredevil confront each other over Castle's plan for revenge. They briefly fight, but Daredevil escapes. Later, Castle continues hunting down the police officers responsible for his family's murders. Daredevil confronts him once again, and this time Spider-Man intervenes. Spidey lets Castle's target escape. Spider-Man and Daredevil take The Punisher down, leaving him for the police. Spider-Man tries to talk to Daredevil about the vigilante lifestyle, but Daredevil leaves before saying much.

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