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Julia Carpenter (Jessica Drew)

Appearing in "Ultimate Mystery (Part II)"

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Synopsis for "Ultimate Mystery (Part II)"

Wendell Vaughn informs Carol Danvers on the present situation at Project Pegasus where Mahr Vehl is talking with Rick Jones while flying above the facility. Rick tries to explain who he is to Mahr Vehl. But suddenly, Mahr Vehl grasps his chest and says that he is "compromised". He changes into a monstrous feral being and immediately attacks Project Pegasus.

Meanwhile in New York, Jessica Drew infiltrates the Roxxon Corporation by posing as a hired employee under the alias Dr. Julia Carpenter. At the Baxter Building, Ben Grimm, Susan and Johnny Storm and a disguised Nick Fury investigate the site of the attack. Susan finds some residue from the entity that attacked the building. She believes that it appeared from some sort of dimensional teleportation. Another peculiarity Sue notes is that the entity seemed to grow on contact and then lost the hold on its form, causing it to fall apart before she and the other heroes could stop it. Susan theorizes that the being may have appeared by growing out of technology. Suddenly, Rick Jones teleport himself and a mutated Mahr Vehl to the Baxter Building - as Rick is unable to fight alone against Mahr Vehl - he brings the mutated Mahr Vehl to the Baxter Building where Ben Grimm immediately engages him with his new powers.

Solicit Synopsis

Spider-Man and Spider-Woman infiltrate Roxxon, while Captain Marvel and Nova protect the magical artifacts of Project Pegasus. Meanwhile the Fantastic Three take on their first assignment as agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. All this and the countdown to the reveal of the mystery villain of the Ultimate Universe begins! BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS (Siege) and RAFA SANDOVAL (Avengers: The Initiative) continue to thrill in this thriller that’s sure to shock!



  • Nick Fury's disguise is similar to the mainstream Fury. This is a nod to Mighty Avengers #13 in which the Earth-616 Nick Fury disguised himself as the Ultimate Nick Fury.

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