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Synopsis for "Ultimate Mystery (Part IV)"

This story recaps many of the earlier events of Reed Richard's life, his bullying in school, how Ben Grimm saved him from these bullies, how as a younger teen his dad abused him and scoffed his scientific curiosity, how Reed's experiments led the Squadron Supreme to attack Earth and how Reed convinced Ben Grimm to kill Victor Van Damme.

In the present, Ben, Johnny and Nick Fury, question the Captain Mahr Vehl concerning where their Sue Storm is. During the interrogation, a beaten and battered Sue enters. She tells the group that Reed is the Ultimate Enemy behind all the attacks and he is not through.

Solicit Synopsis

The Ultimate Enemy reveals itself!! One of the biggest shocks, if not THE biggest shock in the ten-year history of the Ultimate Universe happens right here! And Ultimate Marvel will never be the same again. Ever. Brian Michael Bendis and Rafa Sandoval bring you a thrilling conclusion to the second part of the Enemy trilogy that’ll be talked about for years!


  • Wolverine seems to be wearing his mainstream, Earth-616 uniform in the flashback. However, on the original Ultimate Power series, he didn't wear that costume. In fact, nor has he on any other Ultimate Marvel title ever.
  • Some dialogue is incorrectly placed. For example, Ben Grimm calling out: "Where is my sister?!" is meant to be a Johnny Storm dialogue.

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