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Quote1.png How we all have to find out within ourselves what it takes to survive. Even if it's only for another day. Mine apparently has to do with martinis. Money. Many, many women. And... once again, the Ultimates. I don't know if it's what I'd call a good life... but it is my life. Quote2.png
Tony Stark

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Synopsis for "Thor Reborn"

Eight months after Ultimatum, the world is still recovering. On the Triskelion, Clint Barton is depressed due to the fact that it would have been his son's eighth birthday. Tony insists on drinking on it. Suddenly, the Defenders, seemingly powered up, and evil, arrive. After a brief fight, Captain America, Zarda, and Valkyrie arrive to help the Ultimates. Valkyrie throws Mjolnir at one of the Defenders, Son of Satan, but that's what he wanted. The Defenders then teleport away.

In Valhalla, Thor has defeated Hela's army. He demands that she allows him to return to Earth, to Valkyrie. Hela tells Thor she will let him go back to Earth, in exchange for a son.

At the Triskelion, Tony Stark and Carol Danvers are arguing about the Defenders. Danvers says that Son of Satan is working for them, and that she needs to keep an eye on all freaks. Tony gets angry, because she just called the men and women who saved the planet freaks. Tony flips her off. Cap and Zarda are watching. Cap tells Zarda that they hate each other. Zarda tells Cap that she sees them as lovers. Zarda tells Cap that she can show him what she sees. Cap declines, and walks away. At Central Park, New Ultimates members Shanna, Ka-Zar, and Black Panther are taking a walk with their tigers. Suddenly, it gets cold, and with the power of Mjolnir, Loki comes back to Earth with a swarm of Trolls and monsters. At the Triskelion, it is revealed that Zarda was right, and that Tony and Carol are romantically involved.

To Be Continued.

Solicit Synopsis

If only a few super heroes survived the Ultimatum -- who is left to become the next super powered team to be reckoned with? The NEW Ultimates! With Thor gone, Loki takes his revenge unleashing the worst of Asgard on Earth. Iron Man must gather the heroes for their biggest Ultimates adventure yet. But who has made the final cut? And who can’t be trusted? The Ultimates face evil once again and you’ll never guess the new enemies they’ll find…or should we say old friends? Superstar creators, JEPH LOEB and FRANK CHO (in his Ultimate Comics debut!) bring you the new face of the Ultimate line in NEW ULTIMATES: THOR REBORN!


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