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Captain America

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The New Utimates finally take their place as the country’s protectors, but they’ll be tested like never before. Loki is back and unleashing his vengeance, Thor is forming dangerous liaisons with Hela, trolls and dragons are running amok through New York City, and the Defenders have some new and dangerous skills. Are the New Ultimates up to the challenge, even when a shocking betrayal rocks the team to its core?! It’s a face-off with unimaginable stakes brought to you by the dream team of JEPH LOEB and FRANK CHO!


  • In this issue, Captain America's indestructible shield is sliced into pieces by Valkyries's "Golden Blade". The blade given to Norriss by the Enchantress appears to have mystical properties. The Shield will be repaired, "forged by Dwarven black smith's", in issue #5.

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