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Synopsis for "Lies"

Valkyrie reflects on her life from the start. For the past true years, her life's been nothing but a lie, literally and figuratively. Eventually, she met a man named Gunner Golmen, who promised that he could make her dreams come true. But "Golmen" was in fact Loki.

In the present, Loki and his horde of demons are strolling through New York City, the Ultimates hung by their limbs on a towed double-decker bus. However, Carol Danvers, who was not actually mind-controlled, whispers to Hawkeye that she had in fact fired blanks into his face. She slips him pieces of Captain America's shield into his hands so he could cut the ropes and advises that he hit her as hard as he can to make it look good; Hawkeye obliges. Next, tear gas grenades are thrown. Out of the gas leaps the Black Panther, who frees Cap while the sabretooth tigers pounce on Zarda so Ka-Zar and Shanna could free Iron Man. As the Giant-Men carry the Ultimates away, Hawkeye takes a grenade from Danvers' belt and throws it at Zarda. Surviving the blast, Zarda swears revenge. The Enchantress calms her down, telling her that it won't matter what hole the Ultimates scurry down.

In Valhalla, Thor demands that Hela releases him and allows him to return to Earth, having fulfilled his end of the bargain. Hela acknowledges that, but states that according to Odin's laws, another must die to take his place, if he is to leave. Enraged, Thor declares that it will be her death that'll release him. Hela turns around, revealing that she is pregnant, asking if he would kill his unborn son. Perplexed, Thor asks how could this have happened, as they were together last night. Hela answers that time passes differently in Valhalla. So for every minute on Earth, he must've spend centuries in Valhalla.

Back at the Triskelion, as Iron Man is being treated, Hawkeye, up in the observation room with Danvers, asks how she broke the Enchantress' spell. The answers is that her eyes are equipped with night vision contact lenses. When she blinked in the bright-lit corridor the Enchantress found her in, her vision turned white, rendering her immune to her eye-contact magic. Iron Man then interrupts their conversation, reminding that they got a city to save. The Ultimates then arm up for battle. Hawkeye is able to shoot Enchantress through the chest, breaking her spell on Valkyrie. Realizing what she had done, she springs to attack Loki, but he blocks her blow with Mjolnir. Knocking her sword out of her hand, he uses it to impale her. Cap comes rushing to Valkyrie's side, trying to offer aide. She refuses his help, stating that "he" is coming. Rain and lightning start, as Thor appears atop the Empire State Building, shouting to Loki that there will be blood.

Solicit Synopsis

THOR REBORN! If Thor returns, an Ultimate must die to take his place in Valhalla! With Cap, Iron Man and Hawkeye betrayed -- will one of them perish? Has Loki triumphed? All this and the Defenders' secret revealed! Ultimate X's JEPH LOEB and superstar illustrator FRANK CHO bring you a showdown of incredible proportions as Gods and Heroes fight to the end!


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