Quote1.png Imagine, if you can, that you are a god. All powerful. All knowing. All everything. Imagine that same universe with a brother who spoils all your fun. That's my life. My cross to bear. I am Loki. Quote2.png
-- Loki

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Thor has become so enraged at the death of his beloved Valkyrie that he purposely attacks his own teammates. Sensing that Loki has a hand at this, he begins slaughtering through his step-brother's armies. Viewing this, Loki shrink himself and Enchantress, hiding themselves underneath a matchbox. Enchantress realizes that Loki had this affair orchestrated to bring about Thor's return, but fears that he may have gone too far. Loki further entertains himself by tricking Zarda into perceiving Thor as Enchantress, compelling her to attack. Thor shrugs off any attack used against him, declaring that the Ultimates will pay for failing to protect Valkyrie.

Valkyrie wakes up in Valhalla. When she sees Hela, she attempts to pounce at the one who stole her love away. Hela restrains her, warning that she may wake the baby. Hela tells Valkyrie that she has died to become a true Valkyrie.

Back on Earth, Loki, now giant-sized, sends Thor flying by his own hammer. Despite the difference in size, Thor flies up and beats the stuffing out of Loki and reclaims Mjolnir. Loki then returns to human-size and surrenders himself to the Ultimates. Hawkeye is in for killing him and avenging the death of his family, but Loki tells them that Thor is the bigger threat now. He reveals that when Thor defeated the Frost Giants, he became filled with a such a berserker rage that Odin had his anger tamed by banishing him to Earth. Now for all the time he has spent in Valhalla, his rage has been unleashed and now Thor will destroy everything and everyone.

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Thor’s reborn and on a rampage! Finally freed from Hela’s clutches, Thor reunites with his teammates only to discover Loki’s wicked betrayal. How will the Ultimates be able to stop an Asgardian gone wild? Join superstars JEPH LOEB and FRANK CHO as Thor makes a thunderous return to the Ultimate Universe!

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