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Kyle Richmond (Earth-1610) from Ultimate New Ultimates Vol 1 1 001.png
We took on the Ultimates. Stole Thor's hammer! Man, I wish we'd get another shot at taking them down. Everybody'd be talking about us--
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Daimon Hellstrom (Earth-1610) from Ultimate New Ultimates Vol 1 1 001.jpg
Son of Satan
What the hell?!
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Ultimate Comics Ultimates Vol 1 3 Textless.jpg
Iron Man
You know the old expression, kids -- Be careful what you wish for!
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Synopsis for "Love"

A long time ago in Asgard, young Thor and Loki are dueling each other. They then notice Hela.

Presently, on Earth, Thor has gone made with rage and threatens to destroy the Earth itself. The Ultimates throw everything at him, even Iron Man's new Hulkbuster armor. Ultimately, Thor gets the best of Iron Man and rips open his armor. Stark tries getting through to Thor and asks if this is what he wants. Thor then hesitates. Loki takes the opportunity to attempt to strike down Thor with his own hammer, only to be speared through the throat by a resurrected Valkyrie, now a true Valkyrie of Hela. As she takes away Loki's body, she tells Thor to care for humanity out of love for her.

A week passes and Ka-Zar, Shanna and T'Challa decide to leave the Ultimates for Hollywood; Zarda returns to her proper reality with the aid of Arcanna; Thor gives Captain America a newly forged shield.

In Valhalla, Loki meets up with Thor and Hela's son, with Hela watching from a distance.

Back on Earth, Hawkeye and Iron Man discuss their personal problems with working for S.H.I.E.L.D. again. To get some anger off their backs, they decide to shoot at someone who deserves it. Afterwards, they track down the Defenders.

Solicit Synopsis

Thor is reborn...but at what price? Can the Ultimates stop a God gone mad? Eisner award winning writer Jeph Loeb (Ultimate X) and superstar artist Frank Cho (Avengers) bring you the final chapter of their first story arc! Learn the secrets of Loki's wild scheme to destroy the Earth and change the Ultimates forever!


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