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Nick Fury
My name is Nick Fury and you're under arrest! Cease this $#%^% immediately or we'll do it for you!!
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Wanda Lensherr (Earth-1610) from Ultimate Power Vol 1 6 Textless Cover.jpg
Wanda Lehnsherr
Translation: You made a big "whoops!"
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Janet van Dyne (Wasp)
What? You guys having a party?
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Hey, I made the same joke!
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Kitty Pride
You did it funnier.
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Appearing in "Ultimate Power (Part II)"

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Synopsis for "Ultimate Power (Part II)"

Spider-Man and Kitty Pryde swing through Manhattan when they encounter the smoldering ruins of the Baxter Building, atop which the Fantastic Four are battling the Squadron Supreme, who speak only in garbles and cannot fully control their powers. Kitty calls the X-Men for assistance moments before Nick Fury and the Ultimates drop out of the sky, declaring the Squadron Supreme under arrest.

The X-Men arrive and enter the full-scale superhuman brawl just as the Squadron Supreme adjust to the new dimension and declare Reed Richards under arrest for his crimes against humanity. They demand that he accompany the Squadron Supreme back to their world, holding up one of the devices Richards sent through the N-Zone, much to Nick Fury's bewilderment.

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