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Appearing in "Ultimate Power (Part VIII)"

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Synopsis for "Ultimate Power (Part VIII)"

The Earth-712 Squadron Supreme attacks the Ultimate force, with all sides clearly confused about the presence of more doppelgangers in Earth-31916. On the street, Thor defeats Hyperion and prepares to rejoin the melee when he is stopped by Dr. Spectrum, who reasons with Thor and asks him to help seek out the truth behind the entire affair.

Dr. Doom defeats Iron Man and is attacked by the Thing, who rips Doom apart and reveals him as a Doombot. As Squadron Supreme (Earth-31916) attacks Squadron Supreme (Earth-712), Nighthawk approaches Captain America, mistaking him for the Captain America of Earth-616. Scarlet Witch reveals that her powers have resulted in this unusual doppelganger phenomenon.

On the Helicarrier, Nick Fury orders Spider-Man to oversee the Hulk and act as his "conscience" as Hulk leaps into the fray.

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