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Quote1.png And this is what the great Nick Fury has sunk to... Shoving my own child in front of me. Quote2.png
Green Goblin

Appearing in "Ultimate Six (Part VII)"

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Synopsis for "Ultimate Six (Part VII)"

With Doctor Octopus, Kraven, and Sandman down, and with Thor fighting Electro high in the air, the Green Goblin stops when he sees his son, Harry, in front of him, telling him to stop. Iron Man, behind the scenes, is loading up Osborn's genetic sequence. Harry asks again. Norman looks, unsure whether to stop or to continue. Iron Man gets ready to fire at Norman. Harry has convinced Norman, as he starts to turn back to his human state. Iron Man fires, unaware. Norman starts to deform, with half his body in human form, and the other half in a deformed Goblin state. Nick Fury comes in, shooting Norman, as Captain America throws his shield, and as Iron Man continues to blast him. Norman finally drops.

In the air, there is a huge electrical explosion, as Electro drops from the sky, and Thor emerges victorious. Now the team is finally defunct.

Harry is crying. Peter walks over to Harry. Harry tells Peter that he will kill everyone. Electro is defeated, Kraven is in the hospital, Sandman is still sand, and is being kept in separate jars, Doctor Octopus is being checked by guns and soldiers. Otto can still feel his arms, even though they are now very far away from him. Peter finally gets to see his Aunt May. Norman Osborn, still in a mixed state with the Green Goblin, and his human self, is lying in a Cryogenic state.

The fight is over. The villains are defeated. All is good... Or is it?

The End.


The Ultimate Six returns in Ultimate Spider-Man Vol 1 156

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