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Peter Parker was at home in bed, when he was woke up to a phone call from Nova, claiming he was in need of help urgently. Peter quickly suited up and rushed outside. He tripped on snow and fell in front of the team, who were with Nova when he made the call. The team reveal that there was no threat and they had been sent to pick him up for a mission.

The team are ordered to travel to I.C.E., to take part in winter training. They disregard Nick Fury's order and Nova using S.H.I.E.L.D. database travel to island in the Caribbean. The team then began their vacation on the island, Nova carved the sand to resemble himself in his costume, but, Luke accidentally falls on it. The team plays tether-ball, Nova insisted and even makes it a rule, not to use their powers. White Tiger uses her acrobatic skills to win instead, much to Nova's shock. Peter kicks the ball and it lands outside of the team's reach and further onto the island. His team-mates, especially Nova, insisted that he get the ball. Peter went to get it, but encountered a little boy. The boy told the team his name was Sandy. While he spoke to them, Peter and Luke noticed something is up with him, especially when their feet become trapped in the sand.

Sandy told the group to follow him. The boys insisted on leaving him and getting off the island, but, White Tiger told them that it was their obligation to help him. White Tiger tries to ask Sandy a few questions before he ran off and told them their playing hide and seek. They encounter Sandy's older brother, Flint, the team decided things are getting strange, they go to their jet to get off the island.

However before they could leave, they are confronted by Sandy. Sandy became mad at them because he insists all he wanted was for someone to play with him. He then turns into sand and takes their jet. The five are chased off into a maze, where Spider-Man discovers that S.H.I.E.L.D. had left Sandman on the island. They finally escape on the jet as a giant Sandman tries to grab them, on their way to New York. Nick Fury contacts them telling not to land. Sandman had hitched a lift and was now on the frozen river heading towards New York. They defeat the Sandman and he is then kept in a container that keeps moving, preventing him from reforming and escaping.


Ultimate Spider-Man Ep. 17 - Clip 1


  • When calling Peter Parker, Nova says "Game over, Man! Game over!", Private Hudson's famous quote from the Aliens movie.

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