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Trapster fights Spider-Man at school where he grabs Mary Jane Watson. Mary Jane breaks free as Trapster continues the fight Spider-Man. One week ago, it was shown that Principal Coulson had established Mary Jane's play on where Trapster mistakes Flash Thompson as Spider-Man during a museum robbery. Trapster manages to use his gun to trap Peter Parker under a museum statue when he gets Flash out of the way. After getting out, Peter Parker gets out of sight and uses his web-shooters to help Flash fend off Trapster who ends up retreating. Trapster attacks Flash on opening night causing Peter Parker to don a duplicate Spider-Man costume in order to fight Trapster. This fight is brought to the stage in the midst of the Spider-Man play. Agent Coulson had to play along to keep the audience from going into a panic. It soon get to the part where this episode comes in where Trapster grabs Mary Jane. Mary Jane breaks free as Trapster continues the fight Spider-Man. Spider-Man flings Trapster through the wall and traps Trapster with his own Paste-Gun. Flash later told the audience that Peter saved the night from an actual attack from Trapster. When Flash starts singing, Trapster begs Peter to take him to jail so that he wouldn't put up with Flash's singing.


Ultimate Spider-Man Ep. 21 - Clip 1


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  • One of the students on Coulson's list for possible understudies for Flash is Miles Morales.
  • During auditions, the second person wearing a Spider-Man costume resembles that of the same costume that appeared in the 2002 Spider-Man film, during the wrestling scene. Another kid is wearing a Ben Reilly Spider-Man costume.
  • The prop Spider-Man costume Phil Coulson had made resembles that of the original design of Spider-Man's suit.


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