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  • Zzzax (First appearance) (Apparent death)

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Mary Jane Watson told her friends she was interviewing Spider-Man for a video competition that could get her a position at the Daily Bugle. Sam asked Peter how she got the interview. Peter shrugged his shoulders and Harry told Mary Jane he was impressed, but asked her how she got an interview with him. She tells him she could not reveal her secrets.

During the interview with Spider-Man on a rooftop, he takes her for a short ride web slinging. She told him that it was incredible, and asks him to reveal his identity; he takes off his mask, but another mask is revealed underneath. Mary Jane then realizes Manhattan is being attacked by the Hulk. Spider-Man took her down with him and he briefly tried to battle the Hulk, who called Spider-Man "Bug-Man".

Mary Jane dropped her camera and Stan the Janitor picked it up and told her its not safe for her to be there. The Hulk revealed that he was not attacking Manhattan and is trying to save it from "Energy-Man". The "man" he described was a supervillain named Zzzax.

The two superheroes team up and barricade themselves in a subway station and fight Zzzax. Hulk emerged from the battle with Spider-Man in his arms. Mary Jane asked to interview him, but he simply stated "Hulk hates photographers". Nick Fury arrived trying to take in the Hulk, but was told by Spider-Man that the Hulk is helping save the city.

Zzzax appeared to be defeated, but, quickly gets up and grows in size. Spider-Man then suggests giving Zzzax so much energy that the villain explodes. The city is saved when Mary Jane uses her camera as part of the energy. Spider-Man gives Mary Jane her camera film, which he managed to save, and Hulk departs as Spider-Man's "smash buddy".

Since the video footage displays Spider-Man as a hero, Mary Jane doesn't win the competition, but is asked by J. Jonah Jameson to get interviewed by him. Mary Jane is happy by this, but wishes Spider-Man would have revealed his identity instead of playing a joke, and Peter tells her that she one day may find out who he really is.


Ultimate Spider-Man Episode 7 Clip - Hulk Smash


  • The subject of the "Fury Files" that appeared during the credits was Black Panther.


  • This is the only episode where Spider-Man does not break the fourth wall, likely because the episode is in the found footage genre.
  • One of Zzzax's energy blasts recharges Mary Jane's camera battery.

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