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Quote1.png This isn't exactly how I wanted our family reunion to go, but... I'll take it anyway. Quote2.png
Luke Cage


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Spider-Man, Power Man, Nick Fury, and Phil Coulson lead a S.H.I.E.L.D. mission against the Zodiac. The mission is to obtain a large golden key called the Zodiac Key that is being used by the Zodiac in their volcano-located base to create a formula that, when consumed, gives the user immense superpowers.

Fury and Coulson use a large amount of explosives to open a passageway so that Spider-Man and Power Man can get through. The two heroes go into the base's surveillance room to locate the key. Spider-Man finds it, and asks Power Man if he found anything else. To both of their shocks, Power Man discovers his own parents, Walter and Amanda, working on the formula.

Luke recalls to Spider-Man a time when, before he joined S.H.I.E.L.D., his parents had taken him on vacation in a private jet, but it was really a mission for S.H.I.E.L.D. to escort the same formula Zodiac is making in the present. Scorpio attacked the plane and confronted Walter, while Amanda gave a confused Luke the formula and got him to escape the plane. Luke received the powers that made him Power Man just before hitting the water below, allowing him to survive the fall, but shortly afterwards the plane mysteriously exploded in midair, causing everyone to think that Luke's parents were dead. Luke was soon rescued by S.H.I.E.L.D. and then joined their program.

Worrying about his parents' welfare, Power Man scampers off to look for them. Spider-Man goes after him to try and change his mind, but he refuses, so Spider-Man goes for the key alone. He quickly finds it, but as he takes it out of a slot the ground around him starts to crumble. It is quickly revealed that the key is not powering the formula's creation process, but the entire base.

Spider-Man goes back over the Power Man, who has found the room where his parents are. Going inside, Power Man does not reveal that he is their son to them, believing that now wasn't the proper time to tell them. As such, his parents haplessly attack them when they try to get them out of the base, as does Scorpio. Scorpio goes for the key, which Spider-Man hung around his neck with his webbing. As Scorpio fights Spider-Man, it is revealed that the key can fire energy beams from its tip. Meanwhile, Power Man continues to try to get his parents to safety, but they refuse. Scorpio then throws Power Man into a deep hole that is full of magma at the bottom. Spider-Man then reveals the truth about Luke to his parents, who start attacking Scorpio. Spider-Man gets Power Man out of the pit using the key's energy, and Power Man attacks Scorpio alone. Scorpio them takes some of the complete formula, causing extremely immense (and growing) Power Man-related powers. Spider-Man then tries to get the Cage parents to safety, but they reveal that the formula causes the user to explode after a few seconds, and that Power Man needs to come to. Spider-Man and Power Man get Scorpio to fall into the magma pit, where he explodes. Power Man then reunites with his parents.

Outside, Max Fury is found unharmed but depowered, and Nick Fury reunites with Luke's parents. Peter asks Luke if he is doing okay, and Luke says he's never felt better. [1]


Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man Season 2, Ep. 19 - Clip 1


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