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"The Spider-Verse, Part 2"

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"The Spider-Verse, Part 2"

Quote1.png Ah, this world's Spider-Man. Nice! Very Noir. Quote2.png
-- The Goblin

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Synopsis for "The Spider-Verse, Part 2"

Spider-Man continues following Green Goblin across the Multiverse to stop him from collecting Spider-Men DNA. He helps Spider-Man Noir to renew his friendship with Mary Jane and helps Peter Porker regain his will to become Spider-Ham.


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  • Spider-Man makes a reference to a scene of the Earth-199999 Iron Man 3 film when he saves the hostages falling out of the blimp while saying "I saw Iron Man do this once."
  • The flashback scene where Peter Porker gives up and throws his Spider-Ham costume in the garbage is a reference to similar scene happening during Spider-Man No More! storyline arc.
  • After take some hair from Spider-Ham, The Goblin says "That'll do, Pig. That'll do." It is a reference to farmer Arthur's ending words from the movie Babe.


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