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"The Revenge of Arnim Zola"

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"The Revenge of Arnim Zola"

Quote1.png I am all-powerful! I need only a suitable form, a superior body to match my superior mind! Quote2.png
-- Arnim Zola

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Synopsis for "The Revenge of Arnim Zola"

While freeing classmates Spidey is captured by Arnim Zola and absorbed into his body! The freed friends must fight Zola to help Spidey escape the madman.


Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man Web-Warriors Season 3, Ep. 20 - Clip 1



  • When Spider-Man says "Do you have infinite lives? This is one of these 'up-up-down-down-left-right'?" is a reference to Konami Code.
  • Arnim Zola's plan to switch bodies with Spider-Man is a reference to the Superior Spider-Man storyline where Earth-616 Doctor Octopus escaped death by switching bodies with Earth-616 Spider-Man.
  • Rhino uses his roar to wake Spider-Man in similar way to Earth-199999 Hulk used it to wake Iron Man in The Avengers movie.
  • Spidey said that Venom and Rhino are finally acting like "Web-Warriors".


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