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Rocket Raccoon


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  • Korvac (First and only known appearance; dies)
  • Chitauri (First appearance)

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  • Rocket Raccoon's Ship
  • Chitauri Mother Ship


Peter and Sam are playing a spaced based video game when they are interrupted by Aunt May who tell them they need to do their homework and Peter had to take the trash out, Sam used that moment to make a swift exit. While Peter was struggling to get a trash bag into the can he heard a rustle and a strange squeaking sound, when he opened the nearby can he saw two read glowing eyes. The creature leaps out revealing itself to a talking Raccoon with a giant laser gun, who threatened Peter. After a brief scuffle they are stopped by Sam revealing the the creature is Rocket Raccoon his old mentor and allies. Rocket told Sam they have a mission to save his old team and he puts on his Nova armor. As they prepare to telelport away, and Sam says goodbye, Peter jumps into the light and is teleported with them.

Rocket Raccoon and Nova have no time to send Peter back head out on the mission as Spider-Man puts on his costume. When Rocket Raccoon's ship is pulled into the Chitauri ship, Rocket fakes surrender so that they can free the captive Guardians of the Galaxy members. Nova introduces the team in mid battle: Peter Quill, alias the Starlord, half earthling half alien royalty armed with his amazing Element Gun, Drax the Destroyer, loose cannon and great fighter, Gamora is widely known at the most dangerous woman in the universe and killer in the use of every weapon, Rocket Raccoon is like if Wolverine was a master strategist Raccoon with a laser gun and rocket pack. But he is not actually a Raccoon, his alien species just resemble the Earth Raccoon, and Groot is a sentient alien plant who spends most of his time within a pot of soil, and state "I am Groot". After a brief battle they take down the Chitauri troops with relative ease. The leader of the Chitauri reveals himself a galactic Warlord known as Korvac.

Afterwards, Spider-Man discovers that the Chitauri are planning to destroy the Earth as it is home to many heroes such as the Avengers, Fantastic Four, X-Men, Doctor Strange, the Hulk, Howard the Duck and Devil Dinosaur. The Guardians plan to run the Chitauri ship into the sun while fighting the Chitauri forces. When their tactic does not work, the Guardians end up making their way towards the Dark Matter Cannon. While Nova and Spider-Man head to the Dark Matter Cannon, the Guardians fight the Chitauri and Korvac. Spider-Man is told by Rocket Raccoon to throw Groot as Korvac much to his confusion, but he does and Groot grows into a giant humanoid tree and begins to smash Korvac. After Korvac is defeated by Groot, Nova destroys the Dark Matter Cannon and the Chitauri ship is destroyed. Nova says his goodbye to Spider-Man who decides to stay with his old team and sends him back to earth where he heads home for some sleep. At a rooftop Spider-Man meets the other S.H.I.E.L.D. Trainees to inform them of Nova leaving the team and how amazing he was in space. As he was saying this Nova appeared behind him mocking him, it is revealed he stayed as someone will need to protect Earth. The episode ends with two irises briefly opening up as Groot says 'I am Groot' and Spider-Man says 'He is Groot',





  • Late actor Michael Clarke Duncan recorded his lines for Groot shortly before his death in September 2012. According to Brian Michael Bendis, this was Duncan's last job.[1]

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