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After stopping some crooks and still getting called a menace, Spider-Man considers a life where he's no longer a webslinger. Even though he can see his future as a rich and powerful scientist, he's also shown that Green Goblin has grown more powerful than ever!


  • This episode airs in the UK on December 3, 2014.


  • This episode is the typical parody of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol novella.
  • The past dream segment with the Enforcers is an homage to Spider-Man '67 animated series as well as Amazing Spider-Man #10, where the animation style resembles both.
  • In the past dream segment, an old camera is webbed to a building, this is a nod to the characters history as a photographer and how he took pictures of his himself.
  • In the past dream segment, Spider-Man's suit resembles the characters classic design.
  • The scene where Peter Parker gives up and throws his Spider-Man costume in the garbage is a reference to similar scene happening during Spider-Man No More! storyline arc.
  • Earth-TRN513 Hawkeye's blindness is a possible reference to Earth-807128 Hawkeye.
  • Earth-TRN513 Goblin King is a reference to same title used by Earth-616 Green Goblin during the Superior Spider-Man storyline. He also possess similar pyrokinesis powers from Earth-1610 Green Goblin.
  • Power Man liking the mistakenly received tiara is a reference to tiara of Earth-616 Power Man's first costume.

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