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Synopsis for "Ultimate Spider-Man Super Special"

Spider-Man was swinging through Manhattan when he spotted Blade chasing a man down. Spider-Man intervened by trapping Blade by shooting webs at him. Next, Spider-Man approached the man, who suddenly turned into a vampire and attacked him, only to be saved by Blade, who stabbed the vampire with a stake, killing him. Next, Blade threatened to "eat Spider-Man's heart for breakfast" if he ever touched or looked at him again, then stormed off.

The next day, Peter was in his room with Mary Jane Watson, telling her about his encounter with vampires during the previous night and about how he felt problematic as he had other encounters that week. In a flashback, Elektra Natchios was on a rooftop aiming at a Latverian general named Tappart with a sniper rifle when Spider-Man got in her way and attempted to stop her, triggering a brief fight that resulted in the former escaping. Back at Peter's residence, he was showing Mary Jane a picture and file of Elektra on a computer. Next, Peter showed MJ a report of an abandoned gun found near General Tappart, who they learned committed genocide against a neighboring country. Then, Peter questioned if he did the right thing by stopping Elektra, who he admitted he knew nothing about, from killing Tappart.

Later on, at Nelson and Murdock Law Office, Karen was telling Matt that Spider-Man was swinging around outside of their window again. Later, Matt came out to the rooftop as Daredevil to confront Spider-Man, who said that he was looking for him because he needed another person in a costume to vent to about his problems as a masked crimefighter. In response, Daredevil told Spider-Man that, as a sixteen year old, he had no business doing what he does as he deemed that he was too young and too immature. Next, Daredevil told Spider-Man that he was "lucky" that he didn't unmask him and report him to the police. In response, Spider-Man stormed off.

Sometime later, when Peter was at class in Midtown High, Mrs. Harris was assigning him and the rest of the class, which also included MJ, Kong, and Flash, to make an oral report about a hero or villain, real or made-up, of their choosing. After class, Peter sulked around the hallway, walking away from MJ, until he was alone, leaning his head against a wall. Later on, Peter came out as Spider-Man and saw Captain America, who was making his first public appearance in decades, on a jumbotron, next to Tony Stark, who were both being interviewed.

The next day, at Baxter Building, Johnny was gloating after defeating Ben at a video game. Suddenly, H.E.R.B.I.E. informed the Fantastic Four (Earth-1610) that there was a security breach at Section Alpha. The team investigated the security breached and learned that it was Spider-Man, who was captured by H.E.R.B.I.E.. Next, Reed examined a S.H.E.I.L.D. file which revealed Spider-Man to be a sixteen-year old named Peter Parker. Next, Reed had H.E.R.B.I.E. release Spider-Man, who then threw up on Ben's face. Next, Peter informed the team that he came to them because he was hoping that they would let him join, but Reed responded that the Fantastic Four were a "family" rather than a "team". In an attempt to change their minds, Peter demonstrated his abilities as Spider-Man, which Reed responded that they were low on money and could not afford to pay him. Disappointed, Spider-Man prepared to leave, but Reed informed him that he admired his father and that he would have been "amazed" by him. Then, Peter left, swinging through buildings, when the Human Torch followed him and claimed that everything he went through was "normal" and that Reed wouldn't admit that the team was "going through therapy" at the moment. Johnny offered to become Peter's friend as the former claimed that he had no friends anymore.

Later, back at Midtown High, Kenny was dressed up as and giving an oral report on the Punisher, to which the teacher was annoyed by and instructed him to sit down and which Gwen Stacy dismissed as "retarded" and was about him "living out his homicidal fantasies" and not about heroes. Additionally, the teacher declared that Frank Castle was "not a hero" and was a disturbed man, who she hoped was rotting in jail. Next, Peter went up to give his report, which he made about his father, who he considered a hero.


  • This issue features the first canonical appearance of the Fantastic Four, whose origin is later expanded on in Ultimate Fantastic Four #1.

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