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Synopsis for "Ultimate Spider-Man ½"

Danny, attacked by Spider-Man. As Karen (The Intern), photographs the conflict.

J. Jonah Jameson is reviewing a recent story involving Spider-Man engaging in a scuffle earlier in the day. It is explained that a woman was stealing a pair of children’s sneakers and the manager rushes out to stop her. Mistaking the man as a dangerous person, another well-built man steps into the fray to prevent further harm to the woman. This leads to yet another man, named Danny Rand, who also wants to help alleviate the situation. All of this leads to Spider-Man’s involvement in which diffuses the situation.

J. Jonah immediately wants to put on a story pinning Spider-Man as the instigator in the situation. Ben Urich refutes the accusation as he has a statement from Spider-Man himself. Explaining his mission and why he does what he does, Spider-Man’s statement has an impact on the room. J. Jonah explains that he will give the story some thought and asks everyone to leave the room.

The second everyone is gone, J. Jonah gives off an wicked smirk and informs Robinson to publish the story as is.

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