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Peter Parker

Appearing in "Clone Saga: Part 4"

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Synopsis for "Clone Saga: Part 4"

Richard Parker is alive. How this is possible is the mystery. Richard explains.

Back at Oscorp, Mary Jane is sitting in a chair (the same chair that turned Norman Osborn into the Green Goblin). The monstrous insane Peter Parker clone is about to perform a test on Mary Jane, a test that will transform Mary Jane into something that Peter won't have to always worry about protecting. Before he can start the test, he is kicked in the face, by a man in a black suit with a spider across the chest and stomach area, and with six arms.

Back at the home: Richard is explaining how he is alive... After creating the cure for cancer, later known as Venom, Richard was disgusted that he created such a monster, but his bosses liked what they had. Richard, Eddie Brock Sr., and Mary Parker, signed a deal to sell the suit to Trask Industries, and to make a lot of money out of it. Richard, had second thoughts about it though, and was considering not going on the plane to Chicago. He was the only one who thought this, so everyone else went on the plane. The plane eventually crashed, killing everyone. That is how Richard was still alive.

At Oscorp, the fight between the deformed Peter and the Spider-man with six arms rages on. The six-armed Spider-man is able to get the upper hand for a while, but the deformed Peter soon is able to beat down his opponent. After knocking him unconscious, he is able to continue his experiment on Mary Jane.

Back at home: Richard explains that he worked for CIA since. The CIA figured out that Richard's death was not accidental. Even though Richard did not die, everyone still thinks that. The CIA asked Richard to help him with their plan to take down Bolivar Trask, the man they believe to be the one who organized the death. Richard always kept an eye out for his son, but could never talk to him or let him know he was alive, or else S.H.I.E.L.D. would eventually find out also, and would compromise the mission.

Before Richard could explain how Gwen is alive, bright lights swarm the house. Outside is Nick Fury, along with dozens of S.H.I.E.L.D. troops and huge Spider Slayers. No one in the house knows what is going on. Gwen is becoming impatient. Richard tries desperately to calm her down, as he has been doing for the past half an hour. Unfortunately, this time it isn't working, and the end result is Gwen's transformation... Into Carnage.

Carnage crashes out the house. Aunt May falls to the ground holding her heart.

Back at Oscorp, the deformed Peter has successfully transformed Mary Jane...


  • The Variant cover by Mark Bagley and Richard Isanove is a homage to Amazing Spider-Man #100, that was drawn by John Romita Sr.

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