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Quote1.png I know I should have told you. I know that now. The reason I did it was I was scared of this. This exact thing. And- and it happened anyhow. And- and the same thing happened with MJ. I was so scared of this one thing happening to either of you and I tried so hard to not make it happen and it happened anyhow. And- and now I know why... I was lying. I was lying to you. I didn't trust you as much as you trusted me and-- And- and what hurt the most was-- you said I wasn't your son. Because to me... I am your son. I am. I have to be. Because to me, you're my mom. Quote2.png
Peter Parker

Appearing in "Clone Saga: Epilogue"

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Synopsis for "Clone Saga: Epilogue"

Spider-Man is not going to refuse from its abilities, he goes to the hospital to Aunt May, there he learns from Susan, that Richard died of old age. Nick Fury visits Spider-Man and releases him from arrest after that he goes away. May come to herself, and was reconciled with Peter. Kitty and the X-Men will know that Aunt May know the mystery of Peter. Kitty asks Professor X erase the memory of Aunt May, but he refuses, she very upset, but Jean Grey thinks that the Professor rights and gone and for the Kitty. Peter went to find his female clone, and finds her. Jessica was waiting for Peter between them was the conversation. Peter asked his clone that she was going to do. The woman Spider told him that not return to its creators, and that will live as Jessica Drew and not as Peter Parker, and then they parted. In the Building of S.H.I.E.L.D. Nick Fury show prisoners, among whom there were a clone of Gwen Stacy and the clone of Peter on behalf of Scorpio, Nick Fury said that we should continue to work. Peter newly reconciled with Mary Jane, but Kitty sees them together and not happy about this.

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