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Appearing in "Ultimate Knights: Part 3"

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Synopsis for "Ultimate Knights: Part 3"

Moon Knight assumes the guise of Ronin and infiltrates the Kingpin's empire as his new enforcer. Moon Knight is at odds with this new task, and the varying sides of his multiple personalities begin arguing with one another. The Kingpin asks Ronin for a show of strength, and Ronin beats down several of his men. The Kingpin then assigns him the task of finding and bringing him Spider-Man.

At Midtown High School, Mary Jane creates a news video for the school newspaper. The video encapsulates on the speculation that Spider-Man may in fact be a student at the high school. Peter later chides her for using his name to further her academic career. As the two laugh, Kitty Pryde walks by and gives them the cold shoulder.

Moments later, Ronin crashes a school bus through the wall of the building and begins shooting off his guns. As planned, this course of action baits Spider-Man into making an appearance, and Spidey is quick to draw Ronin's fire away from the school. Kitty Pryde gets involved in the fight, but Ronin manages to keep her off-guard with a fire extinguisher, and takes her down while she’s in solid form.

He then fires a drugged dart at Spider-Man and uses the hero’s own web-shooters to swing away with him. Ronin brings Spider-Man to the Kingpin.


  • Flash Thompson's real name, "Fred", is revealed for the first time in this issue. In Earth-616 continuity, Flash's first name is Eugene.

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