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Appearing in "Death of a Goblin: Part 6"

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Synopsis for "Death of a Goblin: Part 6"

Peter gets up from the floor. He finds himself in his living room, wondering what happened. He remembers clearly: Minutes before, Norman Osborn was with him, both watching Norman's son, Harry, as he told the world on CNN about what Norman did to him, and how crazy he was. Norman transformed into the Goblin, knocking out Peter, and jumping away. Peter quickly gets into his Spider-man suit, and swings away.

At the S.H.I.E.L.D. Hellicarrier, Carol Danvers is rushing to get Harry to safety, as Osborn is coming. The troops fire at Osborn, and hit him. Osborn crashes into the Carrier. Danvers orders the troops to get Harry below the deck. It is too late, as Osborn is back. The troops fire and hit jets, causing a huge explosion. Danvers looks to where Harry was, and finds him transformed into the Hobgoblin. The Green Goblin and the Hobgoblin start fighting, and just before Green Goblin can get the upper hand, Spider-man enters and punches him away. Spider-man strangles Green Goblin, but the Goblin sets Spider-man on fire. Hobgoblin punches Green Goblin into the ground. Green Goblin comes back and punches Hobgoblin. Danvers orders everyone to shoot the Green Goblin down. Spider-man has to jump out of the way, as blasts are coming from everywhere. The Green Goblin falls into a pack of planes, causing another huge explosion. Peter goes to Harry, who is still recovering from the last hit. Norman is still walking, as he comes out of the wreck and flames. Just before Danvers can order another attack, Norman sends a massive fire blast at the troops, and sends all the troops down. Spider-man webs Norman's eyes, rescues the troops, and then punches Norman down. A troop sends a rocket towards the two, which sends Spider-man off the deck. Norman shoots fire at the troops, and Harry jumps in and punches Norman down. As he gets the upper hand, Norman chokes Harry, and burns him from the inside. Norman gets over Harry, beating him into the ground, punching without hesitation. As he beats Harry down, Harry returns to human form. Norman gets up, realizing what he's done. He's killed his own son. Norman looks down to his dead son, and pleads that Danvers kill him. Danvers does not hesitate to blast him in the head, ending Norman and the Green Goblin. Spider-man comes from the edge of the deck, runs into the crowd, and holds Harry's body. Danvers tells Spider-man she is truly sorry. Spider-man yells at her why they didn't cure him. Danvers says that they tried and tried but it didn't work. Spider-man yells at Danvers to stay away from him, and he walks away.

The next morning, in school, Peter stands up in class and asks for a moment. Peter tells the class that their once friend, Harry, died. Peter tells them that Harry was a hero, and that they lost a hero...

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