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Quote1.png Okay, fine!! Normally it's all fine and good- you want to pretend we all don't know who you really are... ...but now she needs your help, man. Your- your, like, expertise. We've been in class together, all of us, since second grade. Our whole lives. And she needs your help. I don't care how- you to go do it. If you want me to say something in code, like: "You should tell Spider-Man to go help her," then fine. Boy, I wish someone would go tell Spider-Man to help out his lifelong friend who's going through some majorness that, like, only he could help her deal with. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends: Part 2"

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Synopsis for "Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends: Part 2"

After Liz Allen bursts into flames during a weekend getaway, she takes to the skies not yet understanding her new found power of flight. As Johnny Storm goes to calm a panicking Liz, she strikes him with her own flame powers letting him fall to the ocean. It is Bobby Drake who makes his way to Liz, comforting her on her new found mutant powers. As Liz powers down, she is brought back to the beach where she is bombarded with questions about where these powers manifested. Johnny Storm is then urgently called away, leaving the Midtown High gang to digest what Liz actually is. It is the rush of emotions that cause Liz to catch fire once again, uncontrollably flying into the city with Bobby following close behind. It is after watching these two fly off that Kenny McFarlane addresses Peter on his own superhero identity, pushing Peter to "find Spider-Man" and help their friend. Peter changes into his Spider-Man costume and chases after Liz and Bobby, meeting them on a rooftop. After coming to terms with her powers, Liz takes flight around the city, learning how to control her abilities. While Liz grills Spider-Man on who he really is, they are interrupted by Magneto, who is looking to Liz to join his side of the Mutant cause.

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