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Appearing in "Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends: Part 3"

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Synopsis for "Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends: Part 3"

Magneto appears in the sky over New York and squares off against Spider-Man, Iceman and Liz Allan (who only recently developed the mutant ability of pyrokinesis). Magneto wants Liz to come with him, but Iceman won't even give him the opportunity to manipulate the frightened girl. After using his powers to pin Spider-Man and Iceman against the side of a building, he convinces Liz to at least hear him out. He tells her that he knows her true father, and that he is a mutant like her. Frustrated, Liz flies off and returns to her home. Landing in the front yard, naked, she tells her mother that she is a mutant and wants to know who her father is. Her mother confesses that her father is her uncle Frank. Magneto tracks her home and again tries to convince Liz to come with him.

Moments later however, Spider-Man and a full compliment of X-Men show up at Liz's doorstep ready to do battle with Magneto. Magneto argues with the X-Men, but does not resort to violence. Liz makes up her mind. She does not wish to be any part of Magneto's group. Magneto is undeterred however. Confident that Liz will one day join him, he floats off into the air.

Later that evening, Liz goes over to the Watson residence. She confides in Mary Jane and tells her how scared she is of her newfound powers. Spider-Man shows up and tells Liz that truly understands everything that she is going through. He removes his mask and reveals his secret identity to her. He asks that she joins the X-Men to further control her powers, as well as a fire-proof suit.

Everything then switches to a flashback in the Savage Land, where Blob tells Magneto that he met a human woman when he was still in the circus. He believes that his daughter is a mutant and wishes to meet her one day. Mangeto promises to make contact with her when her powers awaken.


  • This issue is not actually titled, but continues the "Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends" storyline, which began with Ultimate Spider-Man #118.


  • Liz Allan's father is revealed as the Blob in a flashback scene in this issue.

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