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Synopsis for "Omega Red"

It is evaluation time for the animatronic baby assignment at Midtown High. While most couples return their baby fully intact, the parental duo of Peter Parker and Kitty Pryde return the charred remains of their robotic infant. An upset Kitty put all the blame on Peter, forcing him to tell how over a course of 18 hours, Peter destroyed their chance at a high grade.

Peter attempts to cheer up Mary Jane after Liz has left Midtown to join the X-Men. But MJ is not the only one upset about this recent change in the Midtown crowd. Kitty throws a fit when she learns Liz gets accepted to the team that kicked her out only weeks ago. It is there Kitty hands Peter and their project, storming off. Peter brings the animatronic baby to the Daily Bugle where he overhears Betty Brandt pleading to Jameson to give her the story for about Nick Fury's disappearance. Jameson refuses to give Betty the story and walks away to deal with other business. As Jameson enters his office he finds Omega Red there waiting for him, who blames Jameson for destroying his reputation. Thanks to Peter's Spider-Sense, he slips into his costume and crashes though Jameson's office window. After a tussle in the Daily Bugle office, destroying the entire layout of the floor, the cops send everyone home.

Back in the present, Peter presents his teacher with the article and his Daily Bugle badge to prove Kitty and his project was just collateral damage. Much to Kitty's excitement and Peter's disappointment, they both receive a B minus.


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