Quote1.png Well, I've seen the end of King Kong, so I'm going to leave and let you do what you have to do. Quote2.png
-- Bolivar Trask, to Adrian Toomes about Venom.

Appearing in "War of the Symbiotes: Part 3"

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Synopsis for "War of the Symbiotes: Part 3"

One month ago: Eddie Brock is awoken in a energy-powered examination/prison cell by Bolivar Trask and accompanied scientist Adrian Toomes. Trask then informs Eddie that he is "safe" and that the cell was only for his 'conditions'. After Brock recognizes him, Trask happily introduces himself and Toomes. He then tells him that they are only trying to remove the symbiote (the "suit") from him. Eddie asks why they would help him, to which which Trask responds that the suit technically belongs to Trask Enterprises as Eddie's father, Brock Sr., sold the suit to the company before he passed away. Trask and Toomes also inform Eddie that the symbiote will kill him if he does not regularly consume animals (e.g. humans) and that's the reason why they want to remove it. Agitated in hearing this, Eddie then transforms into Venom and attempts to attack Toomes and Trask but his cell shocks him, causing him to reverting back to his human state. Despite being taken aback by Venom, Trask then ask Eddie what he would do to get the suit off, in which Eddie replies: "What do I do first?"

Several hours earlier. After Silver Sable and her Wild Pack leave the Museum of Art Spider-Man is confronted by the police. As they attempt to "arrest" him, Spider-Man points out their errors in not focusing on Sable and the Pack's escape and how he only attempted to protect the bystanders from Venom, in which many various people voiced for Spider-Man. The officers, befuddled, and seeing their obvious callous actions peacefully relent and contacts police central on the Pack's escape.

Later that night, Peter and Mary Jane are in Peter's basement. Peter seeing that before his fight with Venom, Eddie Brock's presence had cause his powers to be less powerful and suggest that his connection to Venom is due to the suit that he had worn. Peter examines his blood while explaining to M.J. about his relationship with the suit and Brock. As Peter and M.J. look through the microscope, there are traces of strange black cells in Peter's blood. A alarm suddenly sounded in Peter's computer which Peter explains to M.J. that it is his Google alarm in which was set to detect Eddie's appearance, in which he has appeared. Peter then changes into his costume and having to cut his "date" short, leaving M.J. confused of their time together as a "date".

Twenty minutes prior, in Trask Laboratories, Venom is placed in a stasis chamber. Also present in the laboratory room are Trask, Toomes, Silver Sable and the Wild Pack. Trask is unsure of Venom's security and leaves Toomes to oversee the progress of removing the symbiote. Sable have the Wild Pack to secure the room, and is dubious of Toomes in handling with Venom. Suddenly The Beetle rammed through the lab's walls and starts to drop grenades of knockout gas, as Sable and the Wild Packs start firing at him. The gas subdue everyone within the lab, and the Beetle confronts in front of the contained Venom. The Beetle hacks the controls to the stasis chamber and releasing Venom. Freed, Venom demands the Beetle his name. Beetle produces a jar, and calmly "ask" Venom, through sign language, in giving a sample from him. However, Venom grasp Beetle with his tentacle by the throat and demands his identity. But Beetle slice his tentacle and took it and quickly flying out of the lab. Venom, enraged, ate a unconscious female scientist, in which he regains his strength and chases after Beetle, as Silver Sable looks on and curses in vain.

Venom manages to catch up to the Beetle and slams him into the Manhattan streets. On the ground, Venom, who is still infuriated with Beetle, throw him into a nearby store. A mounted police appears and attempts to stop Venom but he and his mount are eaten, and making Venom more larger and powerful. The Beetle quickly recover and make his escape but is grab hold by Venom's tentacle and being pulling in by him. The Beetle tries to shoot Venom off until Spider-Man arrives and kicks down Venom in the head with Beetle disable onto the ground. Spider-Man then do battle with Venom, but then something cause him to stop as the pain in his head appear again. At that moment, the Venom symbiote abandons Brock and starts to converge on Spider-Man. The Beetle and a greatly dismayed Eddie Brock then witness Spider-Man's returning possession of the symbiote once again.

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