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Quote1.png Kid, countries are already fighting over it. Huge corporations are hiring soldiers and fighting over it. We got assassins and bounty hunters and God-knows-what looking for it. Truth be told, kid, and I hate to tell it to you like this... your father may have started the next damn world war. Quote2.png
Nick Fury, to Spider-Man about the Venom 'suit'.

Appearing in "War of the Symbiotes: Part 4"

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Synopsis for "War of the Symbiotes: Part 4"

Spider-Man is taken over by the Venom symbiote as the Beetle and Eddie Brock watches on and Silver Sable and the Wild Pack arrives on the scene. Venom/Spider-Man attacks Beetle but he then manages to escape by flying away. Venom/Spider-Man still hunger while Peter is trying to resist the symbiote pleading anyone for help as Eddie Brock begs him (the symbiote) to "take (him) back". Sable and the Pack attacks Venom/Spider-Man as they try to take it alive. However, Venom/Spider-Man strongly resist them that it even destroys the Pack's attack helicopter. Once it destroys the helicopter, the Ultimates and Nick Fury (in battle armor) arrives on the scene. The Ultimates attack Venom/Spider-Man, who is now heavily mutated into it's aggressive form. Venom/Spider-Man is able to resist the assaults until Fury orders Thor to personally take it down, but is then offhandedly informed by Eddie Brock that it is Peter. As Thor fought Venom/Spider-Man, Sable and her Wild Pack are subdue by the Ultimates despite the insistancy from Sable that they are on the "same side". Venom/Spider-Man survives Thor's attack and is then assaulted by Captain America. Fury quickly ordered Captain to stay clear from the symbiote as Thor prepares to sent a strong lightning strike on Venom/Spider-Man. The strike severely cause Venom/Spider-Man to be on the verge of defeat as Eddie Brock watches on from behind a building.

The next afternoon, Peter finds himself awake in his room and is not warmly greeted by Aunt May. She softly reprimanded Peter for being out late as Spider-Man and was worried about him, and left the room. Peter then heads down to the basement and receives an email from Nick Fury on his computer informing him to come to the Triskelion once he is awake.

Peter then dressed as Spider-Man and swings to the Triskelion and meets Fury, Tony Stark and Captain America. Fury explains to Spider-Man that the previous night after he was stricken down by Thor into unconsciousness, S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Ultimates have checked his health and fortunately find it normal ("or as normal as (he) get") and have taken him home without any incidents. Spider-Man then questions Fury on Eddie Brock, in which Fury informs that Brock was lost in the crowds at the scene of the battle and that Silver Sable and the Wild Packs have been detained as well along with the symbiote suit. Spider-Man demands Fury to have the "suit" destroy but Fury tells him that there is something that it connects to one of its creators, Peter's father, Richard Parker, and believes that it is involve in a type of "biological warfare". Spider-Man insists that the creation of the suit by his father was an effort to cure cancer. But Fury furthermore reveals that nations and huge corporations are struggling for the symbiote and that he fears that Richard may have started the next "world war".


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