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Quote1.png It's -- it's the end of the world. I mean, this is what it looks like, right? What am I supposed to do? Why is there a frickin' subway car on a roof?? Quote2.png

Appearing in "Ultimatum: Part 3"

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Synopsis for "Ultimatum: Part 3"

The Daily Bugle staff relocates to a remote office in New Jersey. J. Jonah Jameson is overwrought with grief. After witnessing one of Spider-Man's daring acts of heroism, he reverses his stance regarding the Wallcrawler's actions. He begins to write an editorial in support of Spider-Man.

Meanwhile, Spider-Woman finds May Parker and Detective Mary Lambow. She scoops up May and web-swings her to the top of a building in Queens. May notices that Spider-Woman referred to her as "Aunt May" and demands to know why. Spider-Woman dodges the question, but reveals that she does have close ties to her nephew, Peter.

Spider-Man meanwhile, is standing face to face with the Hulk. He doesn't know what to make of him, and is more than just a little afraid. He tells Hulk that he is his friend, and convinces him not to "smash" him. He further convinces the Hulk to work with him as a sort of pseudo-sidekick in his efforts to save people from the Ultimatum Wave. The Hulk helps out and even uses one of his power-claps to douse a fire in a nearby building. Unfortunately, not all of Magneto's victims can be saved. Spider-Man finds the body of the masked crime-fighter Daredevil.

Afterward, the Hulk changes back into Bruce Banner. Banner surveys the carnage around him and mistakenly believes that he is responsible. Spider-Man tries to explain to him that he's not, but Bruce is not listening. The pressure mounts and he turns into the Hulk again and begins smashing things.

Spider-Man swings away and angles himself towards Greenwich Village. He notices that the Ultimatum Wave has even devastated Doctor Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum. The roof of the building collapses and dozens of demons come pouring out.


  • This issue is an "Ultimatum" crossover.
  • This issue shipped on February 25th, 2009.
  • The events from this issue coincide with the events from Ultimatum #2.
  • Spider-Woman's relationship to Spider-Man is closer than even Aunt May suspects. She is actually Peter Parker's female clone.

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