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Gwen Stacy (First Appearance)

Appearing in "Doctor Octopus"

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Synopsis for "Doctor Octopus"

Otto Octavius awakened, in "Doctor Octopus".

In a high security government hospital the recovery of Dr. Otto Octavius is being closely monitored. After months in a coma he begins to awaken. Meanwhile, everyone in Peter’s class is given the assignment to come to class and give a presentation as a super hero – they can pick any super hero mutant. Kong isn’t thrilled about the assignment and begins to wonder what the appearance of all these super heroes is some sort of “sign”. At that moment a new girl at school, by the name of Gwen Stacy offers her opinions on the subject and everyone is blown away by her beauty and intellect. Back at the government hospital Otto Octavius is regaining his strength and is demanding answers about his condition. Otto Octavius discovers that the explosion at Osborn Industries has fused his metallic arms to his body. He realizes he’s been reduced to a lab experiment and he becomes enraged. Octavius goes berserk he breaks out of the hospital killing several government employees in the process. Over at Harlan residence: While laying in his bed pondering his class assignment, Kong puts all the pieces together in his head and comes to the conclusion that Peter Parker is Spider-Man.


  • First appearance of the Ultimate universe's Gwen Stacy.


  • Kong is seen wearing a Slipknot t-shirt.

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