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-- Kong

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Synopsis for "Confrontations"

Kong "Field Goal" kicks Peter, thinking he would dodge it, attempting to prove he's Spider-Man.

Dr. Octopus breaks into his former home and murders the woman living there for seemingly unknown reasons. Meanwhile, Kong discusses with Flash and Liz about his suspicions of Peter Parker being Spider-Man. However, this suspicion quickly dissolves as Kong goes to test his theory by kicking Peter in the butt. Peter takes the hit to keep his secret identity in check. An angry Gwen steps in and threatens Kong with a switchblade and tells him to never do that to Peter again; however she is stopped by a teacher and sent home. Her father, Captain Stacy, hears of this during his investigation of the murder previously committed by Dr. Octopus. Ben Urich tries to get a few words with the police captain but is unfortunately brushed aside.

Gwen threatens Kenny, for hurting Peter, in "Confrontations".

Spider-Man confronts J. Jonah, in front of the Daily Bugle, in "Confrontations".

Later, Spider-Man is venting out some steam by taking out petty criminals and playing a friendly trick on his biggest “fan” J. Jonah Jameson.

At the Daily Bugle, Ben Urich presents the information about Dr. Octopus’ recent murder to Jameson and Robertson with Peter listening in. Elsewhere, Dr. Octopus is causing havoc and breaks into a skyscraper somewhere in the city.

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