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| Speaker = [[Jonathan Storm (Earth-1610)|Johnny Storm]]
| Speaker = [[Jonathan Storm (Earth-1610)|Johnny Storm]]
| StoryTitle1 =
| StoryTitle1 = Superhero Training (Part I)
| Synopsis1 =
| Synopsis1 =

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Quote1.png We were the Beatles of super heroes. And I'm living in the same house with you guys...and I'm her age, looking how I look, dressing how I dress...That's--hey, that's a lot of pressure for a girl. I'm not saying that's why she left, but I know it was a part of it. Quote2.png
-- Johnny Storm

Appearing in "Superhero Training (Part I)"

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  • Midtown High School



Synopsis for "Superhero Training (Part I)"

  • Synopsis not yet written.

Solicit Synopsis

After the shocking status quo game changer from last issue's 10th anniversary special, Spider-Man must now undergo afterschool super hero training—and the lessons start here!!! Plus Peter Parker gets a new girlfriend? And you won't believe who she is. They’ll be guest stars galore in this action packed adventure as Spidey gets schooled!

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