Quote1.png You bought us a second chance and I thank you. But I'm not going to kill anyone anymore. And I am certainly not going to go after Peter Parker. And, you know, neither should you. End of the day, if you really think about it, Peter Parker is our greatest achievement. We birthed Spider-Man into the world. We did. We should take insane pride in that and leave it alone. Quote2.png
-- Otto Octavius

Appearing in "Death of Spider-Man: Part 2"

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Synopsis for "Death of Spider-Man: Part 2"

Otto Octavius objects to Norman Osborn's plan and, although he is grateful that Norman freed him from prison, decides that he has no grudge against Peter Parker and wants to continue his career as a scientist, and that the two should be proud that they created Spider-Man together. Norman transforms and hurtles Octavius out of the window. Octavius uses his ability to control metal to form his "Octopus Arms" out of any and all of the metallic objects in the area. Norman leaps after him, stating that Octavius is a fool for believing that he has anything to do with the creation of Spider-Man. Norman overpowers Octavius and deals a fatal blow to him, killing him, and then flees from the scene along the remaining villains.

Spider-Man takes a bullet for Captain America.

Peter gets a phone call from Mary Jane Watson who tells him that Norman Osborn has escaped prison and would most likely come after Peter's family. He decides his family is more important than joining a fight that isn't truly his, and swings home before Norman and his crew can get there. Peter arrives home and warns both Aunt May and Gwen Stacy to pack and drive away from the city until he calls them. He then heads out to find Norman, planning to put an end to this, when he once again is called by Mary Jane. She tells him that she just witnessed Norman murdering Octavius on the news. Spider-Man heads to where the battle took place, to find Octavius' body lying lifeless in the middle of the street. Bystanders point up to where Norman has fled the scene to, and Spider-Man goes to investigate the apartment above. Finding nothing there, he once again heads out in search of Norman and the rest of his team of fugitives, when he spots Captain America standing over a beaten Nick Fury. He then sees the Punisher aiming his sniper rifle at the Captain. Not willing to see him die, Peter swings over to where he is standing and pushes him out of the way, only to get hit by the bullet himself.


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