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Appearing in "Death of Spider-Man: Part 3"

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Synopsis for "Death of Spider-Man: Part 3"

The Human Torch defeats Osborn with fire.

Osborn and the remaining members of his group show up at the Tinkerer's Lair and demand he supplies them with new weapons, including Vulture's Suit as well as blasters and knives for Kraven.

Osborn's Six

Peter manages to regain his composure and dresses his wounds with his webbing. He then decides he needs to go to a hospital; however doing so will require him to reveal his secret identity, which he decides he is fully prepared to do. He then spots Osborn and his crew and follows them to his house instead of going to the hospital.

Osborn and his group then appear at the Parker residence looking for Peter. However, they are instead met by Johnny and Bobby. Johnny manages to overpower Norman, however Sandman intervenes and completely engulfs Johnny in sand, putting out his flame. Iceman tries to help Johnny but is swiftly defeated by Electro. Just as they are about to enter Peter's house, they spot him down the street, unmasked. He quickly takes out the Vulture with his webs and, even though he can barely stand, prepares to fight the rest of Osborn's team.

Solicit Synopsis


The Six are determined to bury Spider-Man for good, and if Spider-Man can’t find Aunt May or Mary Jane, they could be going with him. “Death of Spider-Man” continues, and the real question is, will ANYONE survive?



  • Beetle's suit and helmet are seen being repaired by the Tinkerer.

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