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Synopsis for "Taking Advantage"

Kraven vs. Spider-Man TV Poster, in "Taking Advantage".

Before school, Peter Parker glimpses at Kraven the Hunter’s advertisement to hunt for Spider-Man. Distressed by the sudden predicament, Peter heads to school to find that Gwen Stacy has returned for her absence. Apologizing to the class, Gwen demands fruitlessly that Kong apologize for kicking Peter. To no avail, the class is notified of an assembly that they will have to attend.

Sandman / Flint Marko's first appearance, in "Taking Advantage".

Kraven and his agent discuss briefly about the show’s failing ratings. His agent assures him that this new hunt for Spider-Man will reinvigorate the show and provide a great challenge for the famed hunter.

Doctor Octopus invades conference in, "Taking Advantage".

Meanwhile, Justin Hammer phones Dr. John Skrtic to ask about how his lab experiments are going. We briefly see a subject named Flint Marko writhing in pain as he has been injected with a dangerous serum. Hammer shows great disappointment with the lack of progress. Later, Hammer attends a stage assembly announcing the opening of a new energy resource plant just off the coast of New York City. Much to his dismay, the live feed to the laboratories of the island show that Dr. Octopus has attacked them.

At the assembly, Peter hears of the attack on the laboratory rushes to the scene as Spider-Man. He manages hitches a ride on a NYPD helicopter on its way to the island. Finally noticing the stow-away, the police fire at him and Peter is forced to let go of the helicopter. He plunges his way into the facility right in front of Dr. Octopus himself.


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