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Synopsis for "Piece of Work"

Peter manages to avoid Aunt May’s detection by taking refuge in the bathroom.

Kraven In Midtown High School Ultimate Spider Man Vol 1 19 2002

Kraven in Midtown High School, searching for Spider-Man, in "Piece of Work".

The next day at school, Kraven the Hunter arrives to shoot a segment at Midtown High much to Peter’s dismay. Also, Gwen takes an interest in Peter’s recent injuries and gets very touchy with him.

Doctor Octopus at Hammer Towers In Ultimate Spider Man Vol 1 19 2002

Doctor Octopus at Hammer Towers, in "Piece of Work".

Later, in Peter’s basement, Mary Jane has sewn back together Peter’s Spider-Man costume but something seems to be wrong with her. Despite Peter’s questioning, Mary Jane insists that nothing is wrong.

At Justin Hammer’s Office, Hammer receives an unexpected visit from Spider-Man who shows his distaste for the recent media bashing. Despite Hammer’s attempts to bribe Spider-Man, he ends up leaving without taking the offer. Hammer then receives a telephone call from Doctor Skrtic, which turns out to be Dr. Octopus at Hammer’s secret lab in New Jersey.

Hammer quickly travels over to the lab (with Spider-Man in tow) to find Dr. Octopus staging a media event where he tells of the horrors Justin Hammer has brought by grafting the metal tentacles on to her person.

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