Quote1 Growing pains. That's all it is, May. Quote2
-- Ben Parker

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Other Characters:

  • Mike (a student at Midtown High)
  • Midtown High's coach

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Synopsis for "Growing Pains"

Ultimate Spider-Man -2 (2000) - Page 3

Peter, as he breaks his desk.

The issue begins the day after Peter finds he can now crawl on walls. While in class, he has an episode and breaks a desk. He now finds out that his muscles have grown drastically. During gym class, Peter notices Flash moving on Mary Jane, but it does not appear that she is interested. When he tries to push it more, Peter ends up throwing a basketball at Flash. Mary Jane thanks Peter, but now Flash wants to fight him after school.

Flash Attacked

Flash, attacked by Peter.

During the fight, which Peter wants no part of and dodges all of Flashes punches, Peter ends up breaking Flash's fist when trying to stop him. While Flash's buddy recounts the events that evening to Harry Osborn, his father overhears the conversation. He then tells Harry that he would like him and Peter to come by the labs the next day, to which Harry is grateful since he would like his dad's approval.

Peter Flash Fractured

Peter ends the fight against "Flash", resulting in Flash's hand getting injured.

Back at the Parker house, things are getting worse since the Thompsons are threatening to sue unless Flashes hospital bills get paid. The Parkers decide to pay it with a credit card, but this will leave them maxed out. Peter listens from the next floor in emotional pain. That evening, Peter sneaks into an abandoned warehouse and lets loose with his new powers, noticing something wrong with his wrists.

The next morning, Peter apologizes to May and Ben and heads off to the Oscorp, where he meets the brilliant Doctor Otto Octavius. Octavius stealthily gets a blood sample from Peter, who then runs out the emergency exit. Octavius then lets Norman know that Peter is perfectly healthy and free from any possible life threatening problems. Relieved, Norman tells his assistant that he would like to subject himself to the same exposure as Peter to see what could happen to him.



  • Peter's history teacher appears to be based on Ben Stein's character in the film Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

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